Paramount Services

Paramount: Queensland's best performing electrical service team!

Paramount Service is a long established traffic signalisation and commercial electrical contractor that calls South-East Queensland / Northern NSW home. The company's owner and founder, Andrew Wishart and his team, have been providing timely call-outs, 24 hour coverage and cost effective servicing for private companies and public organisations for almost 30 years.

Thirty years experience in such specialised and technical fields is un-matched in the industry.

Andrew leads a very experienced team of highly qualified technicians and the company has the strongest track record for delivering superior electrical breakdown repair, installation and maintenance in the region. This is reflected in the demand for Paramount's technical expertise from other contractors holding contracts in the nearby towns and cities in  NSW and the rest of Queensland.  

Paramount Service prides itself on keeping its service delivery promises and takes particular pride in ensuring its clients are fully informed both at call out time and at invoicing. This is achieved by using robust quality assured systems, well designed processes and backed up with efficient on site electronic data capture tools and software.